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Welcome to Shanghai Xinxu Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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About Us


  • Founded in 2016, Shanghai Xinxu Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer integrating the independent research and development, production and sales of thermoplastic double-side adhesive film, acrylic acid self-adhesive double-side film, decorative film, composite hot melt adhesive film processed with duct tape. During the early stage after its founding, its production site was at Nicheng Town of Pudong New District, Shanghai. Later, it was relocated to Jinfeng Town of Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, and in 2017 a Zhangjiagang branch of the company was established.

    Our trademark “Xinxu” has a high reputation and is deeply popular and trusted among our valued customers. Our main business covers various single-layer structural thermoplastic adhesive films such as TPU, PES, PO, PA and EVA series. We also produce polyolefin and acrylic acid composite double-side structural thermoplastic adhesive film, duct tape single-layer composite thermoplastic adhesive film, duct tape double-side composite thermoplastic adhesive film. The customers can also provide different fabrics, foams, PET, PP iridescent paper and PU colored-layer film resistant to high temperatures. We can provide adhesive film coating and composite processing services for them.

    Our products are widely applied in innovative projects and fields such as garment accessories, shoe materials, construction and decoration, electronics and electrical appliance, automobile interiors, medical industry, reflective materials, solar energy and aviation. We provide adhesive support for different industries, which makes us more confident and aspirant and work harder and forge ahead more steadily in the adhesive industry. With excellent technologies, we can produce various thermoplastic double-side adhesive films with a thickness range of 50um-300um to meet the application demands of different customers and fields. Our innovative teams, superb technologies, core independent research and development capacity and outstanding sales elite team have made our products occupy the domestic and foreign markets and exported to foreign markets such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, Southeastern Asia and Middle East. Our products are well-received by the customers at home and abroad.

    We look forward to your arrival and joining us to pursue a bright future.

  • Our Advantages


  • Advanced Production Base
  • Our hot melt adhesive factory is equipped with the world’s advanced machinery and processes, realizes the intelligent manufacturing of adhesive industry and can ensure timely deliveries and flawless product quality, and provide the customers with quality services.
  • Comprehensive Qualification
  • Our comprehensive qualifications reflect our comprehensive strength, which guarantees our product quality and is also a powerful evidence for our professional services for the customers.
  • Wisdom and Innovation
  • With our experience and wisdom, we develop hot melt adhesives that are more environment-friendly, and are recyclable and renewable to shorten the distance of our adhesive industry from the world’s and realize true innovation of China.
  • 400-153-6518
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